Publishes Himalayan Pilgrimage (Viking) with text by Gisela Minke.

Participates in Venezia ’79, La Fotografia: teaches a workshop, exhibits his photographs, and gives audio-visual presentations on "Venice" and "Abstracts." Covers the Jazz Festival and Mardi Gras in New Orleans for Geo.

Publishes The Creation, a limited-edition portfolio of dye transfer prints with Daniel Wolf Press. Travels to Japan for Fujitsu Limited. Begins working on book devoted to that country with Takiko Kawai. Photographs the Lake Placid Winter Olympics. Begins a project illustrating the poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke, whose writings inspired him throughout his life.

Creates the educational audio-visual, “To Dream With Open Eyes,” and “Expanding Photographic Vision: The Sight and Insight of Ernst Haas” produced by The Media Loft, Inc. Shoots movie stills for Quest of Fire and Heaven’s Gate in 1981.

Mother dies in Vienna.

Produces audio-visual “Flower Show” for the St. Louis Arboretum. Publishes Flowers, his second limited-edition portfolio of dye-transfer prints. Publishes revised edition of The Creation.

Photographs the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles for a Chrysler Corporation advertising campaign. Travels to Japan for a workshop and photographs extensively for his upcoming book.

Focus on New Zealand trip sponsored by New Zealand Center for Photography and the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara.

Completes his last audio-visual slide show, “Abstracts.” Participates in the Ansel Adams Workshop in Yosemite. At the First International Photography Congress in Rockport, Maine, conducts the opening and closing ceremonies stressing the importance of poetry in photography. “Abstract” audio-visual show presented in its most complete form. Dies of a stroke on September 12 in New York.

ASMP establishes the Ernst Haas Award for Creative Photography as part of its annual awards.

The Maine Photographic Workshops awards The Ernst Haas Photographers Grant, funded by Kodak.

The Ernst Haas Studio’s entire archive is sent to London and housed at the Hulton Getty Picture Library as part of a licensing agreement with Getty Images.

The Ernst Haas Memorial Collection is established at the Portland Museum of Art, Maine.

Portraits of Ernst Haas (click to enlarge)